New roadside picnic at entrance to Tate’s Hell State Forest

Local legend attributes the forest’s unusual name to Cebe Tate, a local homesteader who became lost in the woods in the mid 1870s. He had ventured into the woods with his hunting dog in order to shoot a panther that had attacked his livestock. The legend is often recounted with Tate becoming separated from his dogs and lost for seven days and seven nights before coming to a clearing near Carrabelle, where he lived only long enough to say to a passerby “My name is Cebe Tate, and I just came from Hell” before collapsing.
Check out the new Florida Forest Service Roadside picnic facility at the entrance to the Ralph G. Kendrick Dwarf Cypress Boardwalk in Tate’s Hell State Forest. The facility is located on Hwy 98 about 7 miles west of Carrabelle. After a hike on the Dwarf. Enjoy a relaxing picnic lunch while experiencing the open views of the St. George Sound, St. George Island, and Dog Island. Don’t forget your binoculars!