Williford Springs~open weekends only for this summer

Williford Springs is open for weekends only this summer. The spring run itself is still closed due to fallen trees from Hurricane Michael. If you are planning to go to a body of water this summer be sure to check before you go to make sure it is open. With all the damage from the hurricane it may be years before all of the water areas are back up and running. Canoe and kayak rentals are available at the Econfina Creek Canoe Livery which is next door to the Williford Springs. Open from dawn to dusk, they do not allow alcoholic beverages or ATV’s.

Williford Springs is a swimming basin located in Washington County on Porter Pond Road in Youngstown. Located about 1.5 miles north of State Road 20. This spring is one of the most popular recreation sites managed by The Northwest Florida Water Management District(NFWMD)who reopened the Williford Springs in July for weekend use only until repairs are complete. This gives them the week days to continue repairing the site. It has been closed since the hurricane since it sustained extensive damages. Only the parking lot, picnic pavilions, general recreation area of the spring, and the restrooms will be open. The boardwalk and walking trails remain closed.

Williford Spring is classified as a second magnitude spring. It is one of 11 springs or spring groups along Econfina Creek, which also features as many as 39 individual spring vents. Flow from Williford Spring and the other springs along the Eonfina Creek ultimately discharge into Deer Point Lake, which is the primary source of drinking water for residents in Bay County. The NFWMD manages 41,224.18 acres of public lands in the Econfina Creek area.