October is the 10th month of the year and has 31 days. With the month of October, autumn moves into full swing. Who doesn’t like putting on a sweater and talking a walk through the leaves in the crisp air. With the autumnal equinox in late Septemer, foliage season has officially began around much of the US. The foliage color is triggered by the amount of daylight not the weather. Fall is the best time to plant garlic and bulbs for spring. The birthstone of October is opal which symbolizes faithfulness and confidence.

October is a full month in the panhandle. We have fall festivals, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, Halloween and trick or treating, and the 1 year anniversary of Hurricane Michael. Be sure to check the blog regularly for details.

October 31st, the last day in October is Halloween and also National knock-knock jokes day. Here’s one for you. Knock-knock. Who’s there? A broken pencil. A broken pencil who? Nevermind… it’s pointless.

A few folklore for the season: ~When deer are in a gray coat in October, expect a hard winter. ~A warm October means a cold February. Much wind in October, much wind in December.