Capt. Anderson’s Marina

Well, somehow I missed blogging yesterday. I hope you all had a good Tuesday! I wanted to share about this great place a group of realtors went last week. Capt. Anderson’s Marina is on Lagoon Drive in Panama City Beach. I have added the weblink on the bottom of this post so you can click and check them out. The marina offer’s something for everyone, deep sea fishing trips, romantic dinners on the water, sightseeing, and trips to Shell Island. Shell Island is 7 1/2 miles long and 1/2 mile wide. It is a barrier island that sits at the mouth of the bay. This is a must see for locals and visitors alike. I have been here several times and every time is fun, relaxing, and I walk away with a different story!

St. Andrews Bay has a large population of bottlenose dolphins. We were able to see them up close. They were playing and so cute! The captain was good about keeping us in the same area once they were spotted. Everyone on board was able to get photos and enjoy seeing them.
The marina opened in 1957 by two veteran brothers Max and Walter Anderson. Capt. Anderson’s Marina is now owned and operated by two pioneer Bay County maritime families and the granddaddy of Panama City Beach Marinas. This is the one we went on for the Dolphin Encounter with the realtors of Bay County.
Elisabeth and I laughing and having a great and relaxing time! Elisabeth was a client of mine and now a friend. A future blog will be coming about her.
Sunset’s over the water are always more relaxing and beautiful.

Jackson County interesting facts

Did you know Jackson County is the only county in Florida that borders two other states? It borders Alabama and Georgia, as well as the Eastern and Central time zones; Jackson County is in the CST. Established on August 12, 1822, it is Florida’s 3rd oldest county. The county is named after General Andrew Jackson who first traveled through the area during the Seminole Wars and came to live here after the war ended. Marianna became the permanent county seat of government in 1829, only 2 years after it’s founding. Marianna was founded in 1827 by Robert & Anna Maria Beveridge who purchased three 80 acre tracts of land on a beautiful bluff along the Chipola River. Jackson County is also home to Florida’s most haunted bridge. Bellamy Bride is said to be haunted by the ghost of Elizabeth Bellamy, a bride whose wedding dress supposedly caught fire by a candle and jumped off the bridge to extinguish it, only to jump to her death. Another interesting fact – actress Faye Dunaway (some of my favorite movies with her are “Bonnie and Clyde,” “Chinatown,” and “Mommie Dearest”) was born in Jackson County in Bascom, Florida. And the Florida Caverns State Park in Marianna is the only state park in Florida to offer cave tours to the public. The caves were discovered in 1933 by members of the Civilian Conservation Corps after President Roosevelt’s New Deal. After the devastating effects of Hurricane Michael on Oct. 10, 2018, the Caverns State Park closed and is still being worked on daily. I overheard in the store yesterday that they are hoping to open July 1st but will have no power for up to 2 years. I see another blog coming about that. I am excited to do a tour of the caves by flashlight!


Did you know that Greenwood has just under 5 square miles of land? It is located in the NE portion of Jackson County Florida. It was established in 1824 and incorporated in 1927. The East-West street through Greenwood is named Fort Road, it originally began as a fort on the Apalachicola River and running westward to Pensacola. The Erwin House is one of the oldest in the county. It was built in the 1830’s.

Most recently Greenwood has been in the news for providing a key resource to it’s community.  A month after Hurricane Michael a fire destroyed the one place where locals could get groceries and grab a hot meal. Greenwood Baptist Church is helping by providing food and clothing for free. On Saturday 100’s of cars lined up to drive through and be given food.

Upcoming events: Wednesday May 1st, Save The Closet will be at the church from 10am to 7pm. Those in need will be able to go get clothes for free. They will also receive a bag of food. And on Mother’s Day May 12th, they will be holding a service at 10:45am with a luncheon and flowers for all Mom’s. Follow them on FB for more events.

One of the many reasons I love The Panhandle and call it home!

Chautauqua Vineyards & Winery in DeFuniak Springs

For the past two years I’ve been ordering Chautauqua Wines with my custom labels.  It makes a great gift for my customers and is a great way to advertise.  My two personal favorites are the Noble Muscadine (a semi – sweet red) and the Wild Honeyflower (a sweet white).  This year I’m going to change my label and use a caricature drawing, which will be another interesting post about the artist.  The winery is in a great location just off I-10 in DeFuniak.  So on your way to the Beach, might as well stop in try a few wines and stock up.  I am looking forward to another year giving away to customers, friends and family. Cheers!

Double Rainbow Malone, Florida

Malone, Florida Double RainbowWhen you think the rain isn’t ever going to let up, you look to the sky and what a surprise!  It was my lucky day. I was driving thru Malone, Florida.

Shell Oyster Bar in Tallahassee

Great Fried Shrimp & Raw OystersAfter shopping for a suit for my Husband.  My husband wanted Fried Shrimp.  So of course I went on line to find the best fried shrimp in Tallahassee.  Shell Oyster Bar came up in my search results.  My husband had the lunch portion fried shrimp with coleslaw and cheese grits.  I of course love fish so I had the the dinner fried fish with macaroni salad and potato salad.  The portion sizes were plentiful.  I had to bring the rest of my fish home.  We also tried the raw oysters.  Our server said they came from Cedar Key.  No complaints there.  We order another dozen.  And did I mention it’s BYOB.  Next time!