About Me

Entered real estate in 1996My Real Estate career began in the Florida Panhandle in 1996. I met my first broker while working a part-time job in a local liquor store. When he met me, the first words out of his mouth “I’ve got a job for you”. He wanted me to videotape his listings.

You see back in 1996 there was no Real Estate search engines. There was MLS books, weekly meetings, fax machines, pick up keys and hand deliver the original contracts. So began my life in the Real Estate World. He supplied me with a 2 door Datsun, a video camera that I am to load my videos on a VHS tape and a map. Learning the Panhandle back roads and walking thru homes paved the road to where I am now, working full time with both buyers and sellers from all over. Some say I’m their first friend in Florida.

Real estate lives on the World Wide WebFast forward into the Millennium. We are now on the World Wide Web. Unbelievable! The real estate market is now hopping. The Forgotten Coast has been discovered and I don’t think I’ve slowed down once in over 20 years.

Somehow I made the time to become extremely involved in our Chipola Area Board of REALTORS® for many years. I was the first Realtor Associate in our board history to be elected by membership vote to become the 2009 Chipola Area Board of REALTORS® President. The position I enjoyed the most was Community Affairs. I asked for the position, took it and ran with it.

Like my Real Estate business, I worked hard to get to where I am today. A multi-million dollar producer. I am very thankful for the repeat business and referrals from many of my customers and clients that have become my friends.

Still going after more than 20 years in real estate.I do what it takes to complete the transaction with skill and knowledge. I listen to the needs of my customers and the wants of my clients to reach the end results “everyone is happy” and I can lay my head on my pillow and fall fast asleep. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without “Real Estate”. Here is where I found God, My Husband, My Best Friends, brought me closer to My Family and finally… Myself. God willing, I hope to have another 20 years of making people happy by providing the American Dream of Home Ownership.

If you are looking for the right person to help you through your real estate journey, I believe your look is over. Call me today for an interview. You get to interview me! It only makes sense, because I am asking you to hire me.

Thank you.

Debbie Roney Smith