Finding Joy Scrubs, LLC – Gift Baskets & Homemade Soaps

It’s amazing how people come into your lives.  One day I’m having lunch with a friend of mine at Ruby Tuesdays in Marianna.  Sitting behind me was a friend of mine, Kay Dennis, who by the way writes some very good articles in the Floridan our local newspaper, anyways..back to my story.  Kay stops at our table on the way out and introduces me to her friend who moved to our area last year.  Her name is Anna Manzella.  She started her company Finding Joy Scrubs, LLC.  She makes beautiful custom gift baskets.  I tell her a little about my customers and she makes personalized gift baskets for my customers closing gifts.  Her most recent one she created for me was spectacular.  My customer loves horses and collects beer steins.  I came across a beer stein I thought she’d like and Anna incorporated it along with my custom label wines I purchase from Defuniak Springs, which will be another post..and makes a wonderful creation. Here’s another person I recommend when it comes to the perfect gift basket.  Call me and I will have her call you to talk about what she can create for you.

Affordable Heat & Air in Marianna

Dave Howard with Affordable Heat & Air in my opinion is someone I found I can trust.  Our relationship was established in 2012.  It started by a company cold calling about coming over to service our unit.  I said ok because at my personal rental home that I was in the process of doing major remodeling was in need of the HVAC being serviced.  When the tech came to the house, I felt like he was not being very helpful and only wanted to put a band aid on the problem that would never heal. So I said let me think about it and then I called Dave right away.  He came to the house.  Told me his honest opinion and that was to replace the unit.  He said he could service the unit but what if down the road it eventually goes out.  So might as well use the money for the servicing and just get a new unit.   So I did.  And I believe I made the right choice.  Now everytime one of the rental units I manage has problems, I call Dave.  Everytime someone asks me who I’d recommend, I tell them to call Dave.  He’s honest and dependable.  He’s been to my home and services our ground water heat pump. I’m very thankful our paths crossed. When the time comes and we need a new unit, who am I going to call, Dave.


Men’s Warehouse

Suits 50% off till end of July

This is a really good deal if you are on a budget.  I brought in a tie and received 50% off.  Without the 50% off I would have had to start all over picking out a suit for my husband.