Happy 4th of July~Pet safety ideas

Happy 4th of July!

                                                   Here are a few ideas to keep your pets safe. Many dogs get scared when they hear fireworks.                                                                                                                  ~Be sure your dog has a visible and up to date id tag.                                                                                                                                    ~Take a current photo of your pet just in case they get lost and you need a current photo.                                                         ~You can leave music or a TV on to distract your dog from the noise of the fireworks.

Dogs and heat

If you live in the Panhandle I am sure you have heard we are going to have record high’s this weekend. This blog isn’t so much about just our Panhandle but for dogs everywhere. I just wanted to post a few reminders about caring for your pet during the heat. I know we all watch out for heatstroke during the summer in our human loved one’s but do you know what to watch for in you dog? Here are a few photos with advice. Hope it helps. And don’t forget to take care of yourself too, be sure to drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen/hats, and find shade where you can!

On hot days rolling the windows down and parking in the shade doesn’t stop dogs from getting heatstroke. I know we all love to take our dogs with us but when it is really hot consider leaving them home or at least taking them inside with you.
A dog’s normal temperature is 101 degrees. This has some good ideas and things to keep an eye on to prevent heat stroke for you fur baby!
7 seconds rule. Press the back of your hand on against the asphalt for 7 seconds. If it is too hot for your hand, it is too hot for your dog’s paws! Try and walk your dog during the coolest parts of the day.


Electrical Safety Month

Just a reminder to always practice safety around downed power lines. If you see one, don’t touch, don’t run, (shuffle away) and call 911. Don’t forget to keep your pets away from the downed power lines too.


Thanks to West Florida Electric Cooperative for posting these photos. Who knew there was a electrical safety month?

Did you know May is Electrical Safety Month. Not an exciting subject but a necessity. Here are a few safety tips for your home.

~Replace or repair damaged power cords and be sure to not plug a bunch of stuff into one outlet or extension cord.

~Don’t overload your outlets.

~Be sure to correctly label all fuses, circuit breakers, and switches in power box and replace damaged ones.

~Don’t yank an electrical cord from the wall, it can damage the plug or the outlet.

~Make sure all electrical cords are tucked away, pets could chew on the cords and people could trip and fall over them.

~And don’t forget to test smoke alarms in your home(every month) and change the batteries(twice a year). Smoke alarms should be installed in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area, and on every level of the home.















James Wyatt from the Greenwood Post Office. Be sure to tell him hi next time you are there.
Some of the goodies at the Marianna farmer’s market.
Here are a few of the things I got at the farmer’s market. I have already eaten some of the squash, cucumbers, and most of one of the green peppers. Not sure my purchases will last a week.








Hope your weekend was full of relaxation. We got a lot of rain at my house, but it was much needed rain. I love how this time of year everything is blooming. On Saturday I took my food donations to the Greenwood post office, I thought my donations were a little much to leave for my mail carrier. James Wyatt was awesome! He even let me take his photo. I love our small towns here in the Panhandle. I went to the Marianna Farmer’s Market and got lots of great vegetables and a few plants too. Everyone was so nice, I need to remember to go here more often. They are open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7am to noon till June. I love that I got an excuse to tell me mom how much I love her on Sunday. A mother’s love is a special one.